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How well do you maintain your unit?

Will your unit hold up? 

 When was the last time you had a Tune Up?


 * SRP and APS recommend Maintenance Inspections be taken care of at least Twice a year. Keeping your unit maintained will lower electric bills
Our 33 point Maintenance inspection is a goal to keep your unit running EFFICIENTLY and PRODUCTIVELY. Here are the points we inspect  

AC Inspections:
1. Take temperature splits
2. Calibrate thermostat
3. Check duct system for mold and debris
4. Check air handler/ elbows for leaks
5. Check drain lines/pans
6. Take Amperage/voltage of motors
7. Check evaporator coil
8. Inspect comp. contractor
9. Check condenser coil
10 Check compressor
11. Check run capacitors for leakage, or swelling
12. Wiring
13. Inspect disconnect for coloring or burning
14. Start device
15. Check safety of electrical connections
16. Check refrigerant pressure AND levels

A Maintenance Inspection is a way to maintain your unit. Keeping the maintenance up will help reduce your chances of inconvenient failures, uncostly electric bills, unexpected loss of cool/heat in your home or office, or complete break down causing replacement. Keeping up with your unit will insure that these downfalls either come to a minimum or don't happen at all. 
It is important to take good care of your unit just as you would your new car! Here at Schmidt's we have several options From savings on our Specials and Coupons page to feeling comfortable while setting up your appointment with our friendly Staff. We encourage you to ask questions of our technicians, and follow them around to learn about your unit! We take pride in the knowledge our techs have and its important for you to know small things that you can be doing in between appointments!

Heat Check:
1. Check temperature rise
2. Oil flab motor (if needed)
3. Calibrate thermostat
4. Check amperage and voltage
5. Check blower control
6. Oil fan motor (if needed)
7. Take amperage/voltage
8. Test heat strips
9. Check defrost board
10. Check safety controls
11. Inspect pilot light
12. Limit switches
13. Check gas mixture and check burners
14. Check amp draw of gas valve
15. Set anticipatory
16. Check electrical connections
17. Check refrigerant pressure AND levels 
( Some heat checks do not apply to all systems)

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Preventative Maintenance Agreements
Most air conditioning and heating contractors offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements where they will automatically come out every 6 months to tune up your unit. The benefits of this type of plan are perfect for maintaining a descent electric bill, and making sure you took that extra step to keep up on your unit for our hot Arizona summers. First, your system is cleaned and checked by a trained HVAC professional who is aware of the most common problems that can occur with your specific type of equipment. Here in the Valley of the Sun we over use our units. The only way to avoid costly repairs and outrageous electric bills is to keep your system maintained and clean.

The Tune Up on your air conditioning and heating system should include checking the indoor and outdoor coils for cleanliness, checking the filter, checking your duct system for leakage,checking the condensate line for proper drainage, using gauges and thermometers to assure the proper refrigerant charge and temperature split across the coils. These checks are the basic checks that should be done on your air conditioning and heating system bi-annually. A truly well trained technician should also use specialty tools to check things such as the amp draws of all electrical components, the proper condition of all run and start capacitors, check and tighten all electrical connections, and use of air flow tools to determine if your system is moving the proper amount of air across the indoor coil.

All of these things, if checked by a competent HVAC professional should give you piece of mind that your air conditioning and heating system will not break down when you need it the most, that you are maximizing your energy consumption, and that you will get the most life from your air conditioning and heating system. Other benefits include discounts on repairs, priority service in the event of a breakdown, and no overtime rates if you do have a problem after normal business hours.


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Heat Pumps
Heat pumps heat and cool differently than furnaces and central air conditioners, so homeowners lacking experience with them may not understand how they work. Likewise, inexperienced homeowners may have some confusion distinguishing normal operation from actual heat pump issues. 
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